Atkins Lift: 20 Grams of Whey Isolate Protein Water on the go! (My Honest Review)

Is Protein Water Worth it or is it an Unnecessary Expense?

IF you Read My Full Review on Whey Protein Isolate you Already Know that after using it I was Very Pleased with the Results I got from it and was able to increase my muscle mass.

I Realized After I Shared my Story that a Lot of Other People had Good Luck with It Also.I Know  It’s the Best Protein I’ve Came Across when it Comes to Building Lean Muscle Mass.

Then I Discovered that Atkins Make’s the Same Whey Protein Isolate in a Ready to go Drink. It’s Called “Protein Drink.” I Figured I  had to Get it and Try it out Since I Loved the Whey Isolate Protein Powder Version so Much…………

……..and I Figured what the Heck “at Least i don’t have to Scrape that ANNOYING Excess Protein off the Sides of My Shaker Bottle to get it Clean!”

So I Dropped a Few Bucks and Bought a 12 Pack to Give it a Try.

Below is the Review of my Experience with Protein Water…….


What’s the Benefit in Buying Protein Water when I Already have My Protein Powder?

That was the First Question that Popped in my Mind when I Heard about it.  Below are Some of the Things I Found Beneficial with Protein Water……

  • I Found it Useful as my Water Source During my Workout
  • I didn’t have to Carry a Shaker, Spoon and Protein Powder Around for after I Leave the Gym. So I Found It Quite Convenient to Have on Hand Post Workout.
  • It was Nice not to have to Get the Blender out.
  • No Scraping the Excess Protein off the Sides of the Protein Shaker to Get it Clean!! That was Worth it Alone. LOL
  • It’s Much Easier to Chug Down After your Workout than a Thick Protein Shake.
  • Obviously I had No Bloated Feeling Like I Sometimes do with a Big Post Workout Protein Shake.
  • I don’t Drink Soda and I try to Stay Away from Sugar Filled Sport’s Drinks (but that Doesn’t mean I don’t Like them), so it was Nice to have A Sweet Drink on Hand that Isn’t Full of Sugar.


how much is protein water?

How Much Does it Cost?

I Realize this Comparison has Very Little to do with “Protein” However I Feel Strongly Obligated to Let you Guy’s know that Next Time you go to the Store and Buy a Regular Size “Sport’s Drink” packed with 34 Grams of Sugar…….

….for about the Same Cost you Could be Getting a Tasty Sugar Free Drink with ALL the benefits of water and 20 grams of Whey Protein Isolate!  

Cost: I Paid About $1.82 each

A Comparison of Atkins Lift Orange Flavor Protein Water and Orange Gatorade.


 If you Want to Lose Weight what would You Rather have in your Refrigerator?

It’s Nice to Have a Little Variety Besides Water so I Like Having it in my Refrigerator.  Iv’e got 2 More “Orange Flavor” Left and I Decided to Try ” Berry” for my 2nd Order. 

My Only Complaint is that It’s Just a bit too Sweet but my Opinion may be Different than yours. After all We’re Supposed to Be Drinking it for the Protein. Lol    I’ll Man up I Promise!


Here's what others are saying about protein water

Here’s What Others are Saying:

It’s a good drink for hydration. It’s a convenient protein supplement, as it is conveniently packaged in the bottle. It’s sweet, so it may take a little while getting used to it. When I first bought it I diluted it with water, but now I drink it straight no problem. Great product!!!    Jerry R.                                                

It actually exceeded my expectations! I found this when I was looking for protein powder alternatives. I’t doesn’t make me feel bloated and it doesn’t have protein shake taste or texture. It has the fruit punch taste without the chalky taste. I wish there were more flavors, but it is still completely worth it if your looking for an alternative to protein shakes.       Belinda T.                               

It’s certainly not as heavy and filling like a protein shake and I like it during and post workout because its hydrates me. A tad on the expensive side but you pay for the convenience of not needing to haul around your protein and shaker bottle. I was surprised at how good it tasted, and it does not have that muscle milk chalky taste. I thought this was an outstanding product especially after trying other products, I appreciate it that much more.                         Sahid M.                                                            

Final Verdict: Is Protein Water Worth the Money?

           don't hesitate to buy protein water

Answer: YES

Bottom line is: It’s a Simple and Convenient Alternative to Protein Powder.

I can’t Say that I’ve ever had a bad experience in the past with any of Atkins’s Products and they’ve been a respected name in nutrition since the 70’s, so I’ll Tell you up Front that I’m Probably a little “Partial” to them. However on this Product Review I’m 90% Happy Because I’ts Just a Little too Sweet for me. (Again my Definition of Sweet is Probably Different than Yours.)  I Only Use One Sweetener in a 24 oz. Coffee (If that Gives you an Idea about my Version of Sweet!) Beside’s that…I Love it and I would Definitely Recommend this Product to Anyone! Don’t Hesitate to Buy it.

Final Rating: 3.9 out of 5 Stars

Protein Water F.A.Q:

Q: What is the cheapest place to get Atkins Lift Protein Water?

 A: The cheapest place I could find to get Atkins Lift Protein Water is through this link.

Q: What is the sweetener used in this?

A: The sweetener used in this protein water is Sucralose.

Q:Does this product contain Carbonation?

A: There is no carbonation in this protein water.

Q: How does the taste of Atkins Lift compare to Optimum Nutrition’s protein water?

A: Most people find that Atkins Lift is not as “overwhelmingly” sweet Like Optimum Nutrition’s protein water.

My Best,