12 Protein Facts For Mega Muscles

12 protein facts for mega muscles

Here are some facts about Protein and Nutrition you may find interesting…..

  • The word protein originally come’s from a Greek word known as “proteios” this word signifies “essential” or “ahead of the pack”.
  • Much like sugars and fats, proteins are viewed as a noteworthy supplement for the body because of the vitality (calories) they give.
  •  Necessary for life, protein is critical to all of our cells in the human body. Protein is the most abundant substance in our bodies behind water.
  • Protein is needed to develop, keep up, and supplant the tissues in our bodies. In this manner our organs, muscles, and resistant frameworks are generally made of protein.
  • When protein is processed by our digestive system it is separated into its amino acids. These amino acids can then be used again to make the proteins that are essential for your body to look after your organs, muscles, blood, and human bones.
  • 12 protein facts for mega musclesThere are more than 20 somewhat varying amino acids and our bodies can naturally deliver about 13 of them, however there are 9 amino acids that our body can’t produce by itself. These particular amino acids are referred to as essential amino acids and our bodies acquire these by eating foods that are high in protein such as fish or eggs.
  • Some examples of protein sources that are considered “incomplete” are fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. Examples of “complete” protein sources are soy, dairy products, fish, poultry and meat. These contain all the amino acids as well as all essential amino acids.
  • Even our skin, nails and hair are made of protein. It’s called Keratin.
  • Consuming protein to excess is often hazardous to your body. This will cause your kidneys and liver to go into overdrive in order to rid your body of the excess protein.
  • Much like fat and carbs, too much protein will result in additional weight gain.
  • The highest quality protein of all can be found in eggs.
  • Very high levels of protein can be found in insects, even more than some regular protein foods.

Hope you found this informative. Do me a favor and please don’t eat any Insects! LOL.

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